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Thanks to the skills, experience, and knowledge of our trained and dedicated team of professionals in Seven Kings we can easily handle even the most worn, aged, and tired floorboards and make them look like brand new again. There is no challenge for us to restore the initial beauty and flawless condition of your solid wood and engineered wood flooring and expand its lifespan so you can enjoy it for many decades. Our wood floor sanding, restoration, and repair services are designed to beautify and improve the condition of wood flooring and of your entire home or office in general so you can enjoy it yourself or increase the value of the space and make it look better and more prestigious for prospective buyers.

We are passionate about providing you with the best quality of service, a lot of professionalism, and a tailored approach to your project so we can make sure that all your needs and requirements are met and even exceeded. A consistently high standard of service, great customer care, attention to all details, and respect to your requirements and desires are only a few of the benefits you can experience when hiring our company. We are also more than willing to help our clients by providing everyone with professional advice, recommendations, and suggestions if we are asked.

Thanks to the premium quality of service, wood floor treatments, and finishing products, we can make your wooden floor look as good as a new one that has just been installed. We can easily bring your floor back to its initial beauty and restore its initial condition through a series of high-quality treatments, services, repairs. Before the process of wood floor sanding and restoration begins we will first inspect the overall condition of the floor, assess it, and make sure to come back to you with feedback including what needs to be done and how we are going to perform it. No hidden fees, charges, and pressuring you to pay for services your floor does not need so you can rest assured that our company is not the one that is going to disappoint you.

We always make sure that every service we deliver in Seven Kings matches the personal vision and the expectations of our clients. We will tailor our services to your individual requirements and to the needs of your flooring. You can be sure that all sorts of wood flooring jobs are considered and we can assist you in getting the most creative and unique appearance for your solid or engineered wood floor.

Our professional team perfectly understands all the demands and challenges that can arise with this type of heavy-duty wood floor renovation and we are trained and experienced in having the right response to all sorts of situations and even to unexpected challenges. This is why such a complicated procedure of restoring the beauty and condition of your wooden floor is not recommended to be undertaken without previous experience and as a DIY project - no matter how handy and enthusiastic you are. When it comes to expertise and knowledge, we have plenty of them and we are happy to share them with everyone in need of beautifying and improving their solid wood and engineered wood flooring.

We are also happy to arrange more specific and unique refurbishments if the floor requires it as we know and understand that every project and every floor are different and they may require a more tailored and specific treatment. For everyone in a search of a wood flooring treatment that can enhance the natural beauty and traditional style of wood floors or completely change their appearance and turn them into a statement piece and a focal point of the room where installed, we can totally comply to the wildest and most creative of your dreams and visions and achieve the look you are going for. Get in touch with us today on 020 70360625 or and let’s discuss your next flooring project in Seven Kings!

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Wonderful job done. Quick and efficient. Very pleased.
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