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Floor Sanding Services in London

Based on our experience and accumulated knowledge throughout the many years in the floor sanding business, we at Wood Floor Sanding London selected and dedicated our activity to create a pleased clients network in the London area. We prioritise and respect the needs and desires of our clients. Working hard and organising our sanding, repairs and maintenance services around the idea for professional performance, long-lasting effect and comfort in terms of budget-friendly options and time-saving methods.

You can fully put trust in our services. Our experienced and well-trained technicians put a lot of effort to create advanced systems, adaptive to every style, solution and craving. Also, we provide professional information, which will improve your daily floor routine. Our sanding services are focused on providing beautiful and sleek constructions and adding longevity to the life-cycle of the wood and the finish.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Best commercial floor sanding | Wood Floor Sanding London

Commercial floor sanding may sound like a time-consuming practice and this is the last thing you want when planning a commercial flooring service. We offer specially designed services for projects, which require professionalism and perfect outcome in no time and for a low cost. Commercial floor sanding will completely change the dull, worn and unattractive wood flooring and if you choose our company for your project, this will happen with great organisation, experience and knowledge.

Floor Sanding

Expert floor sanding | Wood Floor Sanding London

Floor sanding is probably the most impressive practice, you can undertake for your solid, engineered wood, parquet or floorboards flooring. And we at Wood Floor Sanding London add a bit more twirl and magic to this service for our London clients. We provide timely, efficient, affordable and professional sanding and so smooth, sleek, clean, durable and shiny new outcome, that it almost works like a magic trick! What helps us? No, no a magic wand, just modern equipment, a lot of experience and knowledge.

Floor Repair

Professional floor repair | Wood Floor Sanding London

Flooring issues often start like an almost invisible scratch we neglect and can quickly escalate in a major problem. If in doubt in your floor condition, ask Wood Floor Sanding London for a free site visit in London. After consultation and inspecting, our expert will suggest the best repair strategy, without any unnecessary services. We provide a timely and efficient manner for every type of wood flooring and find the best methods to match every single issue. Gap and scratch filling, planks removing, sanding and sealing and many more we handle with care and quality equipment and products.

Floor Maintenance

Reliable floor maintenance | Wood Floor Sanding London

The proper maintenance will increase and improve your wood floor’s quality, condition, life and beauty. Following our expert advice, you will create the perfect maintenance and cleaning weekly plan. This will save you time, energy and money. However, we also provide excellent maintenance service in London. Cleaning will remove the dirt build-up and make your floors extra clean. Polishing, re-oiling and recoating services will create the effect of newly refinished floors in no time and on a small piece of the price of the refinishing service.

Solid Wood Floor Sanding

Expert sanding of solid wood floors | Wood Floor Sanding London

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice in London because it is durable, beautiful and classic. Because hardwood floors are made from real wood they tend to be a little more expensive, but low-maintenance and that makes them a great investment. The way you can show hardwood floors some love is by sanding. We provide dust-free, effective and low-cost sanding in London. Our performance is timely and effective and we have a professional approach to every sanding case.

Engineered Floor Sanding

Dust-free engineered floor sanding | Wood Floor Sanding London

Engineered floors are a great option - they are made from real lumber, but they are more solid and damage-resistant than solid wood floors. Although it is a low-maintenance product, engineered wood flooring needs special attention when it comes to sanding. The bare wood top layer in 4 to 8mm thick, which means you need to hire experienced professionals to do the job. You can always count on us for expert engineered wood sanding in London. We'll remove the old finish without affecting the bare wood and create a super sleek surface, ready to be sealed and stained by your choice.

Parquet Floor Sanding

Quality parquet floor sanding | Wood Floor Sanding London

Parquetry is a sign of class, elegance and it gives character to every room, because of its one-of-a-kind patterns and designs. If you own parquet flooring in London, you want proper maintenance, so you can pass it to generations. If your parquet is dull, scratched and worn the best thing you can do is ask for parquet sanding from Wood Floor Sanding London. We provide precise and detailed parquet sanding for even the most challenging patterns and you will enjoy your flooring longer, thanks to our quality service, equipment and sealing products.

Stairs Sanding

Skilled stairs sanding | Wood Floor Sanding London

Stairs sanding in London most affordable and quality than ever! How? Made by Wood Floor Sanding London, of course! Now, this is the new meaning of paying attention to details. We go through all the stages of the challenging stairs sanding with care, modern and proper equipment and a professional approach. Staircases preparation, wood floor repair when needed, stairs sanding, sealing and staining, all these components work together under our expert hands and sanders to create the staircase of your dreams in London!

Office Floor Sanding

Affordable office floor sanding | Wood Floor Sanding London

We have many years of experience in the London flooring market and for so many years we accumulated a lot of knowledge. This knowledge helps us to improve our services and to create a specially designed for every client sanding system. We offer a great balance of hard and professional work, done in no time for offices with a busy schedule and low budget and impressive results. Using modern and dust-free equipment, quality products and individual approach, we create extremely durable and professional-looking flooring to impress you and for you to impress your clients!

Restaurant Floor Sanding

Reliable restaurant floor sanding contractors | Wood Floor Sanding London

The flooring and cooking branch have a lot in common if you think further. The best recipes and dishes you get only if you have a professional approach, quality products and a bit of creativity and imagination. The same goes for our London restaurant floor sanding services. Based on years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we are the alternative of chefs in the flooring branch. Our sanding service is prepared with extra attention, sweet prices and timely practice, quicker than quick snacks.

Retail and Showroom Sanding

Professional sanding for retail and showrooms | Wood Floor Sanding London

We know that working in a business environment in London is not an easy job, because of the limited time to create the best results possible. This is the reason our sanding for retail and showrooms service in London is designed especially for the needs of our commercial clients. We provide timely and effective practice, combined with professional performance. We are organised, creating a sanding strategy, excluding the unnecessary stages, which are time and financial-consuming and including only the best approach, equipment and products.

Sanding for Clubs and Bars

Expert sanding for clubs and bars | Wood Floor Sanding London

The dance floor is the focal point of every club and bar, it is the hot point where people socialise and have fun. So if you want to draw in clients successfully, you should definitely bet on attractive flooring. It doesn't have to be expensive and hard to maintain and Wood Floor Sanding London is here to help you! We provide excellent sanding for clubs and bars service in London with a professional and individual approach for every type of wood flooring, quick and effective manner and quality equipment!

School Floor Sanding

Efficient school floor sanding | Wood Floor Sanding London

School life can take a lot from the beauty and durability of every wood flooring - no matter if antique beautiful parquetry or newly installed engineered wood. High traffic, spills and stains, a lot of activity, and constantly moving furniture can be a major issue. Don't worry, because Wood Floor Sanding London can save and bring back the previous beauty of every wood floor in London, providing affordable and expert sanding. Keeping in mind the school's busy schedule and low budget, we create school floors, which will last a long time.

Solid Wood Floor Repairs

Repair service for solid wood floor | Wood Floor Sanding London

Solid wood flooring is pretty durable and low-maintenance. However, solid wood tends to look dull and wears off in areas with high traffic. There are many reasons why you need solid wood floor repairs including sanding and sealing, gap filling and finishing jobs such as staining and refinishing. No matter what the cause of damage is, Wood Floor Sanding London will find the perfect solution after a free site visit in London.

Engineered Floor Repairs

Professional engineered floor repairs | Wood Floor Sanding London

We at Wood Floor Sanding London have years of experience in the flooring branch in London and we accumulated enough knowledge to be confident that we can solve every issue. From scratch repair and gap filling to sanding and sealing, our engineered floor repair service is great for newly installed or challenging worn floors in London. In addition, our repairs are budget-friendly and we provide a free estimate and site visits, also further information on maintenance and prevention.

Parquet Floor Repairs

Reliable parquetry repair

Most of the flooring services in London are scared to undertake parquet repairs because parquetry is a capricious and challenging type of wood flooring. Complex mosaic patterns, luxury types of wood material, which need extra attention and major issues discourage many experts, but this is not the case with Wood Floor Sanding London! We take the challenge of parquet repairs and can successfully help you if you plan to book a repair service in London. We can solve any issue with a professional and individual approach and a timely and efficient manner.

Wood Scratch Repair Service

Specialist wood scratch repair service | Wood Floor Sanding London

Scratches can not only ruin the pretty appeal of your flooring but also cause major issues like cracking and loose planks and blocks. Don't settle with unattractive flooring, rather call Wood Floor Sanding London for professional and affordable wood scratch repair service in London! We provide a solution to even the deepest scratches, without breaking the bank. In addition, our experts will give you advice on how to prevent future scratching. Try our proven wood scratch repair service!

Stairs Restoration

Best stairs and banisters restoration | Wood Floor Sanding London

Stairs can have great value for your home, but don’t forget they are also as functional as the flooring is. So, if an issue pops out, you want a reliable restoration service. Wood Floor Sanding London can find the perfect solution to any stairs problem, from scratch repair and gap filling to removing the damaged stairs and sanding by hand for the challenging angles and curves. We provide affordable prices and timely and effective performance for every stairs restoration project in London.

Floor Boards Repairs

Efficient floor boards repairs | Wood Floor Sanding London

Although floorboards are low-maintenance and easy to take care of wood flooring type, problems can happen and you would like to hire a reliable specialist to solve them. Wood Floor Sanding London is your best floor boards repairs option in London. Our service is timely, professional and quality and we will solve any issue, such as scratches and gaps, loose boards and nails and cracked and damaged the wood with efficient manner, personal approach and modern equipment.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Professional wood floor cleaning | Wood Floor Sanding London

The proper cleaning strategy can improve your floor’s condition and elongate its life-cycle. But to have the right cleaning plan you have to know your floor and its finish and needs in close. It is hard for the untrained eye to detect the specifics of every type of wood flooring, so you can count on Wood Floor Sanding London experts for a free and no-obligation site visit in London and inspecting your floor. Our technicians will create a perfect cleaning plan for you, which will save you time and energy and leave your floor in perfect condition.

Wood Floor Polishing

Expert wood floor polishing | Wood Floor Sanding London

Knowing the best type of wood flooring and its finish needs and specifies guarantees a quick and easy cleaning strategy, a proper maintenance plan and the long and beautiful life of the wood and the finish. We are here to help you with expert advice, completely free and no-obligation site visit in London and professional consultation, so we can be sure we meet your expectations. Polishing is great for polyurethane-finished floors because it brings back the shine and durability for a small part of the price of floor refinishing.

Wood Floor Re-oiling

Quality wood floor re-oiling | Wood Floor Sanding London

Re-oiling is an innovative method for bringing back the beauty of your London floor and making it look clean and durable. Wood floor re-oiling is the process of applying an oil finish, which will highlight the genuine beauty of the wood’s texture and structure. The before preparation and the after re-oiling stages are as important as the main process, so our experts provide professional sanding, buffing and polishing in London.

Wood Floor Recoating

Skilled wood floor recoating | Wood Floor Sanding London

Wood floor recoating is the simple process of applying a new and matching the prior one finishing layer, without the need for messy sanding and the cost of sealing. Recoating is a great option for London wood floors in fairly good condition because it will bring back the previous shine and sleek outlook. Also will add extra durability and solidness, by filling the fine scratches and gaps in the finished surface. Wood Floor Sanding London provides great recoating service in London an affordable price, with excellent performance and a great selection of quality finishing products.

Wood Floor Staining

Specialist wood floor staining | Wood Floor Sanding London

Staining is great for every wood flooring if you desire a certain change and you are already tired of looking the same old floor for years. Our staining service in London can only refresh and boost the natural beauty and pigmentation of the real wood, or transform it into something completely unexpected and beautiful, it's your choice. Our experts will advise you the best staining method and products, depending on the age and the type of your flooring, so keep in mind that additional sanding and sealing may be needed in London.