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You expect from your wooden floor to look and feel amazing. However, its condition and appearance can be changed dramatically and in a negative way due to a number of reasons like:

  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Dents and gaps
  • High traffic
  • Heavy footfall

But don't worry - we are here to help and bring your floors to their initial condition and beauty.

We provide a wide range of wood floor restoration, repair, sanding and finishing services in Woodford Green

No matter the condition of your wooden floor and decking and how challenging and difficult it could be to make it look brand new once again, we have the right set of skills and the proper training and knowledge to deal with all sorts of situations and scenarios. Thanks to years of experience in the industry and a lot of expertise we can bring back any floor to perfection. Always using the best quality of equipment and finishing products available on the market, we can provide you with flawless results.

Are you facing obstacles when selling or renting your residential or commercial property? One amazing way to help your property stand out from the crowd in this competitive market is by adding a lot of value to the property by taking care of its wonderful real wood flooring. There is no wonder why engineered wood and solid wood floors can easily increase the value of a property dramatically when in perfect condition and visually attractive and maintained.

There is no other feature of a property that can create such a unique, elegant, and cosy atmosphere the way wood flooring does. In addition, with such an impressive choice of wood species, finishes, floorboard sizes, patterns, and colours, there is practically a wooden floor that fits to and complements any interior design and style. Real wood flooring is associated with class, elegance, prestige and everyone would enjoy having a wonderful solid wood floor installed in their property. If you are lucky enough to have one already installed in your home or office, the next thing you need to consider is making sure it looks amazing. You have to maintain it properly so its durability and stability can last for decades.

The right solution, in this case, is looking for professional help and we can help you take care of your wooden floor and make it look and feel as perfect as in the initial days of its installation. Our dedicated and hard-working team of wood flooring experts is passionate about achieving the best results and providing you with the right wood floor sanding, finishing, restoration, and repair service you need. We always make sure to inspect the floor first and assess its condition before we undertake anything. That way we can guarantee that we perform the right treatments and services.

Our company is experienced and knowledgeable enough to repair and rejuvenate even the most worn, torn, aged, and tired wood floors and make them attractive, pleasing to the eyes, and extra-durable and solid again. The proper treatments will boost the life of the floor that can last you for many decades, while the maintenance and cleaning will be significantly easier and faster.

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Wonderful job done. Quick and efficient. Very pleased.
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