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How to bring the parquet floor back to life

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Bringing the parquet floor back to life

Hardwood floor material already come in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles. In addition, parquet floors are made from a cut in smaller blocks of hardwood lumber and provide even more options, adding the meaning of the patterns and designs in the game. Parquetry is the synonym of art and one of a kind flooring and it is specially dedicated to people, who are inspired, have creative ideas and crave something unique as a focal point of the room. The statement pattern of your dreams, the classic herringbone composition or endless geometric, mosaic, curvy and angular options are able to satisfy even the sassiest taste.

In addition, parquet floors have even more good features besides the beautiful outlook. Having the solidness of the hardwood, the flexibility of the installation options makes parquetry suitable for most of the rooms and over concrete and plywood subfloors. However, with time and due to a variety of reasons, parquetry installation tends to suffer different issues. If not installed properly, flooring problems are most likely to happen with time and the traces of everyday life. Before starting flooring installation it is essential to take care of the proper prior preparation in order to ensure the long life of the project. Making sure the subfloor is dry, clean and levelled is a guarantee for properly installed parquet flooring.

With time other issues are likely to pop out and even if you have a good cleaning strategy and maintenance routine, a variety of problem causes can provoke you searching a repair and restoration service in London and the surrounding area. Keep in mind, parquet floor restoration is not an easy task and you have to count on a reliable company to deal with the issue. Because of the specific patterns and designs, it is likely to lose the art line of the pattern and the initial dimensions of the parquetry composition, so you want your repair done professionally. Part of the restoration service is the sanding procedure, which in that case have to be precise and with attention to every detail because the parquet blocks are fitted in different directions and can be treated straight as the other types of wood material.

The traces of everyday life, the high traffic and the years of use can cause wear and tear of the finish, the wood’s surface and then thinning the wood, cracking and loose blocks. One of the numbers of the benefits of parquet flooring is spot repairs. In case there are only a few damaged parts of the floor, the distressed blocks can be removed locally, without the need to remodelling the whole floor. The thing you can look for during this kind of service is finding the perfect replacement, otherwise, there is a big chance to lose the art line of the pattern.

Having a reliable parquet repairs service as a helping hand in London is really important for the longevity and durability of your floor and Wood Floor Sanding London is a great option for you. You can find more information on 020 70360625.

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