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Floor Sanding Advice

Floor sanding is one of the most precise flooring services and it needs certain preparation and knowledge. The process consist of different approach techniques, depending on the type of wood flooring, which needs to be sanded. Solid wood can be treated more often than engineered wood, which consist of a thin real wood top layer. Floor sanding is great option for wood floor remodeling and can improve floor’s condition significant. Wood Floor Sanding London provides expert information and advices on the most popular sanding topics in our blog section. If you want to know further, contact our customer service.

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Because of some bad rumours, many people do believe that sanding brings a lot of disruption to day-to-day life. Of course, this is not the truth at all, at least not if your floor is treated and sanded by a skilled professional.

Most of the gyms and sports areas at community centres, schools have wood flooring. It is mainly because of the fact that wood is extra hard-wearing, durable and sturdy and can survive a lifetime if it is maintained properly.

Taking care of your hardwood floor is highly important around Easter time with all those heavy traffic, many guests and family gatherings. Follow these simple and very effective tips and tricks and make sure your floor will look and feel amazing.

Humidity and temperature changes are one of the main reasons for the most common wood flooring issues and situations. You can easily control the conditions and ensure a happy and long life for your floor!

Solid wood floors are a very popular choice and one of their great advantages that win over the hearts of thousands of people is the fact that they can last up to 100 years in perfect condition, at least it is properly maintained and treated.

Choosing between untreated and treated wooden floors is one of the many choices you have to do when purchasing a new floor. You have to be aware of all the pros and cons of both options, so you can be totally happy with your final choice.

Hardwood floors that are finished with wax need a professional recoating service every now and then. As any other top protective layer, wax also faces wear and tear with time and have to be re-applied approximately once a year for better protection.

Dogs and hardwood floors could turn out to be mortal enemies or friends, it is up to you! Following a good cleaning and maintenance routine, trimming your dog's nails could help you maintain a clean and sleek floor at the same time.

Wood floor polishing is another important part of the maintenance concept and another key way to achieve a flawless look with minimum time, money and energy used. Hiring the specialists, or DIY-ing it, it is totally up to you.

Every flooring expert can tell you hardwood floors are great and one of their best features is that they are super easy to clean and maintain. Following a few basic rules when developing your cleaning routine is your guarantee you can keep them in perfect condition.

When the old wooden floor looks just like brand new, that’s is sanding. When the construction is sturdy and the finishing products soak the way they used to, that’s sanding. When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… now that is amore!

A big part of the wood floor sanding process is the proper prior preparation and prevention. In order to create a safe and secure working environment, keep in mind some recommended steps such as supplying proper working equipment.

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