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Home office revamp

Best ways to revamp your home office

Working from home may sound like hitting the jackpot, because you are skipping all those early (too early) mornings rushing to your workplace, the traffic and the not so enjoyable to hand around colleagues, however, it is not that great as it seems to be. Working from home also means having difficulties with keeping your focus on work-related tasks, not having a strict time dedicated to working and not enjoying the comfort of your own home that much. Of course, it is a serious issue the fact that working from home means that you also do not have a private space to use for work only, where your household and its problems and demands are not taking your focus away. Because of that the request for a home office space can be really demanding.

Of course, having a space or a spare room of your house that is dedicated to your work only sounds great. Maybe you are considering having one office room, maybe you already have one. It is very important that the room you decide on to be your home office really looks and feels like… office and not another spare bedroom you use. If you want to go that extra mile and really set yourself in the right mood for working, then here are our few ideas for how to transform a random roof or space in your house into a home office and boost your productivity.

Practical flooring

When it comes to practicality and functionality, the right flooring choice can offer a lot of benefits. Durability is another important aspect that has to determine your flooring choice. Of course, considering the fact that having a rolling chair at the office is probably the first thing that comes to your mind and you add to the shopping list, an engineered wood flooring with a hard-wearing finish is amongst the best options, because it guarantees that your rolling chair won’t leave scratches and marks that easily, when moving around. In addition, choosing a medium-coloured wood species, a matt finish and rustic grade are promising that even if scratches and other minor imperfections appear, your floor won’t show them and wear and tear that easily. Easy floor cleaning and maintenance are another important aspects and wood flooring, for once again, is a smart investment and out top pick.


Of course, adequate storage space is another important aspect and feature to the functional home office and guarantees that you will be more productive and your place will be decluttered and well-organised which contributes to doing your work more effectively. Having a clutter-free desk is essential and this will reduce the distractions and keep your focus.

Good lighting

Good lighting is super important, considering the fact how much of your time you are going to spend at your office. In fact, bad lighting is not only not functional, but also bad for your health and it causes you to get tired faster.


This may sound like a not that necessary feature, but having a few touches of greenery here and there is really going to add the right balance of working productivity and relaxation to your home office. This is also the easiest way to make you happy and brighten up your office… and your day!

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