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How to have a quiet wood flooring

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Quiet wood flooring – here is how!

Wood floors still have this bad reputation of being a squeaky old thing that drives you crazy, Maybe this is the case, but only in the old days, when the wooden professionals have known less about proper maintenance, suitable installation and recommended insulation. This is not the case nowadays and here are some good news – wood flooring is not squeaky, noisy and annoying anymore!

There is no getting away from the fact that wood is a hard surface and because of that it creates an echoey sound or the fact that wooden floors can get squeaky with time and because of a lot of everyday use. While there are many industrial options that can be used to make wood floors installed in dance halls, gyms, etc. quieter, this sort of extreme measures are not required in a domestic setting. Many wood floor experts will recommend floating installation and broader boards in order to make your floor less noisy, but there are some tips and tricks you can use in order to have a quiet floor and still have the floor you really want without going to extremes. Here are some of the ways to achieve a quiet wooden floor easily.

Well acclimatised before installation

Acclimatisation of the wooden materials before installation is a bit of a controversial topic – is it needed, is it good? Well, in the old day's acclimatisation used to be highly recommended for the success of the final product, not that necessary and mandatory nowadays with modern production. Still, well-acclimatised wooden boards are already adapted to their new environment and this means that the expansion and contraction after installation will be reduced. And as you know, “moving” wooden boards due to moisture and humidity have the tendency to be noisy and annoying.

Proper installation

Badly fitted wood floors are a source of squeaks and creaks for sure, but if your floor is installed properly, the risk of such annoying effect is minimised to a minimum. If you already experience the squeaky noise, then it is most probably because of two boards rubbing together. A solution to this issue is graphite powder that will work as a natural lubricant and help reduce the noises. Gap filling is another thing you have to consider in terms to make your floor quiet.


Soundproofing is often called acoustic underlay and it is a great way to minimise the sound between levels of the building. In some apartment building, you are even required to install underlay for more comfort, when you fit a wooden floor.

Deafening material between floors

Additional soundproof insulation between the floor and the ceiling below is a great solution when soundproofing underlay is just not enough for making these wood boards quiet. This is a very effective solution for a two-storey building when the majority of the problems are coming from the first level.

In addition, you can consider rugs, soft furnishing, upholstered pieces and shoes-free policy as inexpensive and simple ways to make the wooden boards less noisy and squeaky.

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