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How to polish hardwood flooring

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Why we recommend hardwood floor polishing

Looks are very important for hardwood floors. In fact, damages, scratches and so on, even the finer dents can ruin the whole appearance of the floor. Normally, we consider a wooden floor is beautiful when it looks sleek, polished and sparkling clean. If properly maintained, your wooden floor will look attractive and eye-catching with decades and believe it or not, the best look has almost nothing to do with how much you invest into it and its price tag. Even wooden floors on the cheaper side could look like a million-dollar if you make sure you provide them with the proper maintenance and care, which, in fact, are not that complex, expensive and time-consuming at all.

Normally a proper cleaning routine is your job and more heavy-duty services are a job for experienced and knowledgeable professionals, however, we won’t say that only professionals are able to achieve the flawless look and you can totally go ahead and DIY the project. However, if you don’t have enough free time, enthusiasm and energy and we can understand that pretty well after a long and intensive working week, then be sure to ask the professionals for help. We guarantee that the wood floor maintenance services offered won’t break the bank.

Well, if you are not ready to pay a single penny for visual improvement of your wooden floor, then let us reveal for you that the additional maintenance services are commended also in terms of improving the condition of your floor. By removing finer scratches, minor issues, worn and old finishes and so on, these maintenance services can practically save your floor from issues growing bigger and serious problems to come!

Why consider polishing? A good cleaning routine usually does the magic for wooden floors, however, time is implacable and it will leave its traces at some point. With time you will start noticing that no matter how often you look after your floor and clean it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it still gets dull and here is where polishing fits into our plan. Well, let’s face the facts, polishing as well as the other flooring services are better performed by professionals at 99% of the time and wood floor polishing also requires some skills and attention to details. Bringing life and shine back into the picture is a matter of practice and the right tools and equipment.

Polishing starts with buffing the floor first in order to prepare it for the upcoming service. When it comes to wooden floors with a wax finish, then removing the old finish first is a good idea, so the re-application would work better. Wax is easy to remove with mineral spirit products, which have to be used with caution since they are not particularly our idea for how a healthy indoor environment is achieved. Once the surface of the floor is completely clean and dry (ensure good ventilation, because the surface has to be really completely dry), then you can continue with applying the new layer of wax, clean rags are usually used for that. Be sure to apply in small portions to achieve a uniform look. Once the wax is completely applied and once again – completely dry, you can buff the floor once again, since this is what it gives its real and amazing shine!

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