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Protect your floors from dirt’s damages

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Tips for preventing dirt damages

Dirt and dust are some of the biggest enemies of the sleek and smooth surface of every wooden floor. Dirt particles work like an abrasive, scratching the fine surface of the wooden flooring, causing fine or deeper dents and other imperfections. Imperfections will not only ruin the appearance of the floor but also force you to spend a lot of time, money and energy on re-finishing services. You can completely pass if you follow a few simple advice for prevention, which our wood flooring experts in London are happy to share here with you. Here are a few tips on how to minimise the damages, caused by dirt and dust particles on your wooden construction:

The finishing layer of your floor is the main barrier between the fine bare wood surface underneath and the dirt and dust. So, the best preventive strategy is purchasing a floor with a thick and resistant layer of finishing product or hiring experts to apply that to your already existing installation. With so much choice on the market it is easy to find the right option of finishing product, depending on the wood species, but make sure you chose high quality.

Forget about wearing shoes in your home

This may be out of your habits and kind of hard to get used to it at the beginning, but with time you will start noticing the big difference. Shoes are the main reason for dirt particles entering your home and dust rubbing between the shoes solves and the surface most often end up with definitely not so enjoyable look of the floor.

If you can’t get used to the not-wearing-shoes rule, placemats and rugs in strategic places. Doormats on all the entranceways and doors, inside and outside, hopefully, will catch a big amount of dirt and dust and prevent the floor from scratching largely. In addition, the less dirt is entering your home, the fewer build-ups under furniture and into the gaps of the floor you will end up. And this means less need for deep cleaning.

Follow an individual cleaning routine

It all depends on your personal preferences and needs and the traffic and dose of everyday use your floor experiences. Daily, weekly or every other week, just be sure you use a broom with soft bristles to remove the dirt without causing more scratches. Use the vacuum cleaner occasionally, when you feel your floor needs more heavy-duty cleaning. And as for mopping – try to use a completely clean mop, otherwise, the previously collected dirt particles will scratch the surface additional.

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