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Professional wood floor sanding – Part 2

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What to expect from a wood floor refinishing service – Part 2

In part one of the article series we have already started the discussion on what you can expect, when hiring a professional wood floor sanding and refinishing company for your project and what you have to look for in a reliable company and quality service. After we have discussed how to get in touch with a contractor and what are the initial steps, including scheduling, today we continue with how things have to happen next. So what to expect, when expecting a wood floor refinishing service:

Implementing the Project

Once it is time for the main part of the service to start, you have to be prepared for when the company members and workers come at your home to start the project. Be sure that all the furniture, decorations and other elements of the interior design are removed out of the room, where the procedure of refinishing and sanding will happen. If you don’t have the time to do this, you can either look for a company that will help remove furniture for free, or for a low cost or look for a moving and storage company.

Although most of the flooring companies offer dustless sanding and refinishing nowadays, some dust will be produced, because of that the workers have to put some plastic sheets at some spots of the room like windows and doors in order to prevent the dust escaping the room in other parts of the house and to make cleaning easier afterwards. If your floor is in need of repairs, these have to be done prior to the sanding process. If your floor is in need of gap filling, all the gaps have to be filled prior to the sanding process.

Depending on the condition of the floor, the surface is usually treated with a few different grits of sanding paper for an even and uniform look. When the surface is sanded enough, all the remaining dust has to be cleaned perfectly, before the finishing product is applied, otherwise, the dust will remain trapped in the finish and ruin the whole look. If you want a new colour for your floor, then before the application of stain or dye, the surface has to be treated with mineral spirits by hand, in order for consistent finish and uniform application to be ensured.

The wood floor refinishing specialists will also advise you on the best type of finish for you, depending on your lifestyle, the traffic expected, the moisture levels in the room, whether you have pets and small children or not, etc. Normally, three coats of the finish are recommended for extra hard-wearing power and long-lasting effect. Oil-based finishes usually take up to three days for application, while water-based finishes are applied in two days including the drying time between the coats.


You can either use your old baseboards if they are in good condition when their colour and finish is matched to the colour and finish of the entire floor, or you can choose to buy new ones. Either way, the contractor will install them for free.

It takes a few days for the finish and stain to completely dry and you can bring your furniture back to the room and enjoy your freshly treated wooden floor!

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