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Treated or untreated wood floors?

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Advantages of treated and untreated wood floors

When considering purchasing new wood flooring, there are plenty of choices you have to make. Decisions between engineered, solid wood and parquet, between colours and shades, finishes and effects, installation options, textures and grades and more, and more. Well, choosing the best wooden floor for your project is not the easiest thing in the world for most people, however, when you finally make the decision, there is nothing better than enjoying a beautiful and sturdy floor that pays off. One feature you have to consider when going on wooden flooring shopping is whether to decide between treated or untreated materials. Here is how to make decisions for your project.

What is exactly treated wood flooring? Treated or prefinished wood flooring leaves the manufacturer with already applied finishing product on the surface of the materials. The finish used usually is polyurethane with a UV filter to reduce the direct sun exposure damages later on and prevent the colour from fading. However, you can ask for the finish you would prefer to be applied. Although prefinished materials are usually more expensive than untreated ones when you order them already treated with products you save the additional cost of professional sealing service. The only downside, in this case, is that sometimes you won’t be able to find the flooring you like with the finish you like, but this is a rare thing since there is plenty of choice on the market today.

What types of prior treatment are available? When it comes to wood floor treatments these days, there are no limits! From the simplest to the most sophisticated and complex – you have it all to choose from. One of the most popular wood treatments is bonded with enhancing the natural colour of the wood, or completely changing it. Wood floor staining is a good option for people that would like to have a wooden floor in a unique colour or shade. Alternatively, smoking and washing are other treatments that change the colour and overall look of wood, but they are more complex than staining. Once the desired colour is achieved, you can go further with distressing, brushing or tumbling. That way you can achieve a very attractive and unique final effect, whether you like an antique and aged look, or you are going for a statement look.

When the appearance of the wood is achieved as desired by the client, the final step is all about protection. The most commonly used protection systems consist of applying products like hardwax oil and lacquer. The most popular and desired wood floor treatments are… right now the current trends are all about brushed and hard wax oil finished floors. Both of the processes create a very natural and slightly aged look of a floor with a fascinating history. However, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable if you are not a fan of this style. At the end of the day, it is your choice and you have to feel ok with that and enjoy it.

Untreated wooden floors are sold as boards in their natural state and look. Many people are fans of unfinished floorboards because that gives them the freedom to choose and improvise their own very unique style and appearance. With unfinished floors you are not committed to a final look you may not enjoy. Although unfinished floors naturally are more time-consuming and labour intense project, many people prefer them.

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