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UV lacquered wood flooring explained

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Wood flooring finished in UV protecting lacquer

Real wood floors are, by any means, a great investment. If you still wonder about the reason so many people opting for wood floors nowadays, let us share with you why having your own is pretty much like hitting the flooring jackpot! Wooden floors are the perfect balance between style and beauty, durability and solidness and easy-to-maintain nature. In other words, wood floors are this type of flooring, which can answer all your requirements. The natural beauty and appearance of wood have the potential to bring elegance, class, warmth and cosiness to every property.

Often associated with high quality, professionalism and even luxury, wood will add a unique appearance and be the focal point of the room, matching every possible style, no matter if traditional, contemporary, or eccentric. Wood has this great feature of adding value everywhere where installed and because of that, it is often preferred for commercial areas and offices, looking polished, presentable and inviting and creating a great and lasting first impression. Because of the variety of wood species available, you have the great opportunity to match the floor to your interior design and own style. Diversity of colours and textures, wood floors can be a true chameleon, being tranquil, clean and stylish, rustic and unique, dramatic, rich and deep, or very unusual. It is all about your personal preferences and how you imagine them to look.

However, the look of the real wood floors is even not their best feature. Besides the appearance, wooden floors are very hard-wearing and long-lasting. Durable, solid and sturdy, they can last you for hundreds of years, if properly maintained. The most important thing is not to neglect the imperfections. Well, yes, even wooden floors can sometimes be a subject of issues. With time and due to internal and external impact, wood could change in colour, texture and solidness. After all, worry not, because wood gives this great opportunity to be renovated, transformed and revamped now and then.

The most recommended treatment is floor sanding. Sanding is the process of removing all the imperfections from the surface of the floor, preventing them from growing bigger and causing even more serious problems. However, no sanding process is complete without the upcoming sealing treatment.

Sealing is, in general, the application of a couple of layers of sealants, or protective products. The main reason for the sealant to be applied is the fact it protects the surface from damage causes and keeps the floor in flawless condition. While most of the sealing products protect the floor from moisture, scratches and occurring of durability, only UV lacquers are the products, which protect it from the impact of direct sunlight. When exposed directly to the sunlight, with time wood will start to get dryer and it may face some discolouration. Especially if you own a dark-shaded floor, it is really important to save its initial colour as soon as possible. Be sure to ask your local flooring professionals about the UV lacquers and how they work.

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