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What actually means floor screeding?

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Do I need floor screeding?

A wood flooring is a big investment and because of that, we want to have ours in perfect condition and visually appealing for as long as possible. Usually, in order for this to be achieved, it is required that we provide our wooden floor with regular maintenance. While most of the maintenance is related to regular and simple cleaning, some protection and prevention of issues, etc., there are, of course, also many services available that are done and performed by the professionals.

Of course not performed that regularly, but every now and then your wooden floor will be in need of additional care in the form of sanding, re-finishing and some general refreshing and revamp. Not mandatory, but definitely necessary, all these services are highly recommended and guarantee significant improvement, when wood needs it, prolonging the life of your floor and boosting its stability and natural beauty.

With that being said, we are sure that almost every wood flooring owner makes sure to provide their wooden flooring with the required and needed more in-depth maintenance and care. But, isn’t it all too focused on the wooden floor only? What about everything above it and everything underneath it? Well, today we are going to talk exactly about what is underneath the wooden installation and does it need care and attention too!

Before the wooden boards and planks are installed, you start with a solid concrete subfloor commonly and maybe surprising for you, but it needs some care and attention too. Not because of its own stability and good condition, but also in order to benefit the good condition of the wooden installation above it. As you may guess, long before fitting the wooden boards, what is under your feet will need some quality preparation too in order to have guaranteed amazing results at the end and a generally smooth-running installation process. That is right, the concrete subfloor needs to be levelled and even, dry and not with a too high level of moisture and, of course, completely clean, so the wooden floor fitted above it, later on, to look and feel happy too.

In order for your wood floor to be solid and stable for many decades, the base, your subfloor has to be flat and even. In case the concrete is not entirely flat, or not even at all, you need to take care of it before the wooden boards are already laid above it. There is a process that is known as screening and it can make a significant difference in a good way, let’s find out more about it.

Screeding actually means applying an extremely blended material to the floor base in order to form a solid and even base that is capable of supporting the wooden boards above it. When it comes to screening, there are two important things to be aware of. The first things are that the high quality of the product needed for screening is very, very important and you cannot settle with lower quality and lower price if you want really good results. The second thing to remember is that usually professional service is much required for screening. Unless you do not have the experience and enough knowledge to be confident and undertake the project by yourself, be sure to leave this one to the trained and knowledgeable specialists.

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