Floor boards are a type of installation, which is easy to maintenance and doesn't need that much attention. However, issues happen to every type of flooring because of different reasons and we are here to help you with our expert, high quality and affordable repair service in London. In addition, our experts will give you advice, tips and tricks, based on our experience and accumulated knowledge. Knowing the proper prevention can save you a lot of problems, time and costs in future.

The boards are usually glued or nailed to the subfloor’s joists. With time or due to poorly done installation, the boards can get loose, because of low quality wood adhesive or loose nails and screws. This is the natural character and structure of every lumber product and the material can shrink or “balloon” due to moisture, high-temperature amplitudes, sun damage, high traffic, etc. During installation, structural gaps are left to allow wood’s movement, however, the gap between the boards and the joists can increase and cause issues like wood cracking and loose floorboards. In that case, our technicians suggest applying insulation underlayment, which will add extra solidness to the construction.

Dealing with loose boards is another part of our repair services in London. Our professionals will find a solution to the problem and provide long-lasting, durable and effective performance for turnout you will enjoy for a long time. However, if the boards are too damaged and cracked, we can remove locally only the distressed points and find the perfect match, so you can't tell any difference.

Finally, for scratched and worn floorboards, we offer scratch restoration. Fine scratches are easy to deal with because they affect only the finishing top layer and don't damage the bare wood. However, deeper scratches penetrate through the protective layer and cause serious damages like wood cracking for example.

Our experts can handle them by filling the gaps and scratches with a high-quality natural mixture of wood dust with matching colour and putty. After the filling, we provide excellent wood floor sanding to create a completely smooth and even surface. Our sanding equipment is low-dust for maximum comfort. For a finishing touch comes the floorboards sealing and you have to know that we work only with first-class quality, safe and long-lasting finishes and sealants, which will add extra durability to the floor and finish, which will get worn very hard because it is specially designed for high traffic areas.

Our repair services in London are affordable and timely, yet very professional and done according to the highest standards in the branch. You can ask for more information on 020 70360625 or info@flooringservices.london and you can browse our site for expert maintenance and prevention tips and tricks.