Oil finished floors get more and more popular nowadays. Oil finishes are a pretty new invention, but they are great for your wood flooring. In the first place, they highlight the wood’s genuine beauty, because they penetrate through the wood’s structure and leave on the surface the original texture and feel, protecting it and preventing scratches and damages in the same time. Second, because this type of finish penetrates through the wood’s pore structure, it adds extra durability and solidness to the floor and fills the fine scratches, making the surface even and smooth.

Most of the oil finishes are low- or no-VOC, which makes them completely environment-friendly, especially for commercial buildings, schools and points of high traffic in general. Oil finished floors have their serious value and selling point. The fact they need more intense and competent maintenance can denial some clients of this option. No reason to worry, because we provide excellent and professional annual re-oiling service for our London clients on affordable price. With individual approach and extra attention, in a timely and efficient manner, with additional maintenance advice and using the best products on the market.

Oil finished floors are not as glossy as the polished ones. The low-shine or matt finish boosts the natural beauty of the wood, a rustic composition that looks classy and elegant everywhere and in addition is easy to maintain because fine scratches don't show off with the same intensity they do on glossy finishes. However, this may be a little trap, because it will be hard for the untrained eye to detect issues.

Because of the specifics of the oil finished floors, they need a daily cleaning strategy for best results. Our experts will give you professional advice on how to look after your flooring the best way. The best you can do is vacuum and dust mop daily to prevent scratches and dirt build-up. Spills should be removed immediately because as with every type of wood composition, water and liquids are enemies of the wood and the finish and spills can leave permanent pigmentation. Oil finished floors need specific products to clean and maintain. You can't use furniture cleaners, ammonia and abrasive products. However, even properly treated, your floor in London will need re-oiling at least once a year.

Before starting with the wood floor re-oiling in London our team will provide certain preparation for best results. Depending on the condition, wood floor sanding may be needed to open the pores of the wood for the upcoming re-oiling. The oiled finish should be applied in small portions for an even outcome. We use quality products, which soak and dry quickly and the floor is ready for the next step – buffing. Our modern buffing machines will close the grain and drive in the finish further. Then our crew will polish, until the finish has an even sheen. Then the re-oiling service comes to an end and you can enjoy your flooring.