Wood floors have the advantage of a longtime life, so you can enjoy them for decades. However, we know that you may crave a little change in some time. If you get bored and tired from the style of your wooden construction or it no longer matches the style you desire, your furniture and decorations, or simply in case your flooring looks dull and discoloured, remodelling is not your only option!

Changing your whole flooring tend to be super expensive, you will pay not only for materials and also for fitting services, additional charges and costs, etc. Plus, this service will take a lot of time, so we suggest full remodelling only when the wood flooring is in a hopeless condition. Otherwise, you have our creativity and ideas, so we can quickly and simply change the turnout you can't stand anymore and transform it into something completely new, fresh and even realise your eccentric ideas by one simple and timely service, called wood floor staining.

Staining is the process of applying a new coat of dye, which consists of mostly natural materials and pigments and is a mixture of colourant mixed with agent or solvent. The staining agent can be water, alcohol, petroleum distillate or the actual finishing product, which our expert will choose depending on the existing finishing layer for best results, being lacquer, varnish, polyurethane, etc. The staining service will add pigmentation to the flooring, without covering the genuine beauty and texture of the wood, working as a little colourful twist or a pop of colour for the room and refreshing the natural style. Staining can boost the natural pigmentation of the wood, highlighting the natural stains, or transforming it into something unexpected, beautiful and stylish.

Floor staining in London depends on the type of flooring and its condition and also the staining products. For example, staining tends to be most successful for older and worn constructions, because the dye soaks into the wood and add the proper pigmentation. Newly installed ones and some wood types can't accept the stain that well, the absorbing potential depends mostly on the wood’s structure. We provide an effective floor sanding or screening service beforehand if needed, so the pores of the wood can open and absorb the stain properly. Finally, in some cases, our experts will suggest sealing after floor staining because the sealants work as a protective layer and prevent chipping and peeling of the stain.

We will provide also further information on maintenance and cleaning. The stained floors need extra attention and care when it comes to cleaning and also the proper maintenance products, so feel free to ask for advice, tips and tricks on 020 70360625 or info@flooringservices.london.